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Optimize Herta in Honkai Star Rail: Pure Fiction Build Guide

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“Herta’s Pure Fiction Build Guide”

Pure Fiction, a new game mode in Honkai Star Rail, has brought about a resurgence of interest in certain characters, including Herta. Once considered underwhelming, Herta now has the opportunity to shine in the Pure Fiction game mode. As a result, many players are seeking guidance on how to optimize her performance, including the best build, recommended relics and light cones, and suitable team compositions.

In the Pure Fiction game mode, it’s important to tailor Herta’s build specifically for this mode, as it may not be optimal for other content.

When considering relics for Herta, the 4-piece set of Hunter of Glacial Forest is highly recommended for maximizing her effectiveness.Herta, being an ice unit, benefits from a general build that capitalizes on her ability to quickly bring enemies below 50% HP. This enables her to spin frequently, regenerating energy for her ultimate ability and allowing for more frequent activation of the 4-piece effect of Hunter of Glacial Forest.

Herta’s Build Guide: – Equipping 4 pieces of the Ashblazing Grand Duke significantly increases her follow-up attack damage. However, this effect may be inconsistent as it gets removed after her next follow-up attack. – A hybrid build using 2 pieces of the Hunter of Glacial Forest and 2 pieces of the Ashblazing Grand Duke can be quite effective. The 4-piece effects can be disregarded when easily eliminating enemies in Pure Fiction, especially when paired with Himeko. This build offers bonus ice damage from the Hunter of Glacial Forest and a follow-up attack damage boost from the Ashblazing Grand Duke. – Planar Ornaments, particularly the Inert Salsotto, provides additional critical rate, ultimate, and follow-up attack damage, which are stats that Herta heavily relies on. – Consider using the Firmament Frontline: Glamoth for additional support.

Boosting Herta’s Performance with Honkai Star Rail Set

Herta’s performance gets a significant boost with the abundance of ATK stats provided by the Honkai Star Rail Pure Fiction set. Nevertheless, it’s essential to note that this Planar Ornament demands a relatively high SPD requirement for optimal utilization. This set prioritizes strengthening Herta’s offensive capabilities while necessitating a careful balance with speed to fully capitalize on its benefits.

The Space Sealing Station is a less demanding variant of the Firmament Frontline: Glamoth, designed for older and less powerful setups.

Light Cones like the Before Dawn are highly regarded for erudition characters, offering critical, skill, ultimate, and follow-up damage boosts.

Consider equipping the Before Dawn light cone on Jing Yuan for optimal performance. For Herta, explore alternative options unless Jing Yuan is available.

This exceptional light cone is exclusively obtainable during Jing Yuan’s character and light cone banners.

Boosting Energy: Light Cone vs. Breakfast

In the Honkai Star Rail Pure Fiction game mode, players will often encounter groups of enemies. The Light Cone feature in this mode offers a bonus ATK % for each enemy present, with a maximum of five stacks. Additionally, it amplifies the damage dealt to weakened enemies.

Himeko is especially reliant on this signature Light Cone, so players who have her should explore alternative options for Herta.

Players can obtain this Light Cone by exchanging 600 Undying Starlight in the Starlight Exchange.

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Acquiring a nutritious breakfast doesn’t have to break the bank, just like the f2p 4-star light cone in Honkai Star Rail. It offers a cost-effective way to boost your damage in the game, much like how a balanced breakfast can fuel your body for the day ahead.

The light cone’s ability to stack damage and attack increases with each enemy defeated mirrors the importance of a fulfilling breakfast. Just as the light cone gains strength with each stack, a well-rounded breakfast sets the foundation for a productive day, providing the necessary nutrients to keep you going strong.

In the fast-paced world of Pure Fiction, where waves are swiftly cleared, the light cone’s quick stacking capability is a valuable asset. Similarly, a nutritious breakfast sets you up for success, ensuring you’re ready to take on whatever challenges the day may bring.

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Oneiric Shard: Usage and Acquisition

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How to Top Up Honkai Star Rail on LootBar

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